Taking Admission is a Simple Process | Photo/Rupom 2010
Learning French at Alliance Française de Dhaka will give you access to the French National Diplomas. According to your level in French and your leisure time, you can join any of the following classes in one of our 3 branches.

Our classes are offered to different age groups:
Adults: Above 16 years old
Teenagers: 13 to 15 years old
Children: From 9 to 11 years old

  1. Admission is a seamless experience at AFD. Interested individuals would just have to provide their details at the time of admission into our admission software.
  2. Regular students need to bring their AFD ID card for registering in the next session.
  3. A batch less than 15 students will not be commenced; AFD reserves the right to decide whether a batch is eligible to be commenced.
  1. Refunding of course fees is allowed only-
    1. 7 days before the commencement of the particular class;
    2. on the basis of appropriate reason and proof. AFD reserves the right to evaluate and exercise.
  2. Full refund is allowed if the particular class is cancelled due to insufficient students, or due to any official reason from AFD’s part.
  3. Shifting admission credit from current session to next session is-
    1. allowed only before the commencement of the particular class;
    2. possible for one time only. Conditions apply.
  4. Section shifting is allowed only-
    1. Before the respective/admitted class starts;
    2. Upon availability of the seats in the desired batch.
  5. Should any pedagogic issues arise, Alliance Francaise de Dhaka reserves the right to shift any student from one section to another.
  6. Books once sold are not returnable or refundable.
  1. Every student shall have the original textbook in class (photocopied books are not allowed).
  2. Every student shall keep his/her student ID card in class. ID cards can be reissued on payment of 50 BDT along with 1 copy stamp-sized photograph.
  3. 25% of the final marks will count as class participation (Regular Attendance + Dynamism). (Effective from April 2012)
  4. Every student needs minimum 50% attendance to be allowed to take the examination. Students whose attendance is between 20% and 49% will have to pay extra 1,000 BDT to be allowed to take the examination. This attendance will be mentioned in the attestation.
  5. Students whose attendance is below 20% will not be allowed to take the exam.
  6. The aforementioned rule applies to all Fin-session examinations (make-up exams, placement tests, DELF/DALF examination).
  1. Candidates for French courses can assess their level through placement test.
  2. No candidate can be admitted directly into a level other than Beginners without showing his/her certificate (e.g. DELF-A1, A2, B1 and B2). Conditions apply.
  3. If any candidate wishes to sit directly for any examination (e.g. DELF/DALF) he/she needs to abide by the standards of AFD. Conditions apply.
  1. Every student has to pass the class examination in order to be admitted to the next session/level.
  2. Makeup examinations are conditionally available to any student missing his/her AFD class examination; this possibility is available at the end of the particular session only and not afterwards.
  3. The student is required to provide proof of his/her previous result(s), if any student is proved to be withholding information about his/her preceding unsuccessful result, AFD reserves the right to cancel the student’s admission without any reimbursement.
  4. TEF, TEFAQ and TCF/TCF (QUEBEC) examinations are conducted as per requirement from individuals regardless of sessions or semesters. Examination dates are announced within 35 working days after the submission of registration from the individual.
  1. Certificates will be awarded after passing each level only (DELF-A1, A2, B-1, B-2 & DALF-C1, and C2).
  2. For any correction to be made on DELF/DALF certificates, the candidate is required to fill up an application form (available at the reception) with a payment of 1000 BDT.
  3. To issue an attestation after successful completion of each session, student must fill the Application/Request form which is available at the reception office.
  4. Each attestation costs 300 BDT.
  5. AFD does not provide any attestations without successful completion of any session.

For more information:
Faizul Kabir Chowdhury
Course and Exam Coordinator (Pedagogy)
Alliance Française de Dhaka
26, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi.
Dhaka-1205. Bangladesh
Cellular +88 01678 086 442

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